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Challenge: Enhancing Efficiency in Student Recruitment

The challenge was to create a user-friendly web application that would centralize essential information and streamline the student recruitment process for university agents. The goal was to provide agents with a unified platform where they could access news, images, marketing documents, events, and track their recruited students while ensuring efficient commission management.

Approach: Comprehensive Web Application Development

Our agency adopted a comprehensive approach to address the challenge effectively. We collaborated closely with the client, understanding their requirements, and designing a solution that aligned with their goals. The development process encompassed building both the agent application and an admin application for seamless management.

Solution: Empowering Agents with a User-Centric Web Application

The resulting web application provided a suite of features that empowered university student recruiting agents to excel in their roles. Let's explore the key functionalities:

  1. Agent Application:
    • Secure Sign-In: Agents could securely log in to the application with personalized credentials.
    • Information Hub: Agents gained access to the latest news, images, marketing documents, and events related to university admissions.
    • Student Dashboard: Agents could view detailed profiles of the students they recruited, including relevant data such as academic achievements, contact information, and application status.
    • Commission Management: Agents could conveniently upload invoices to claim their entitled commissions. The application facilitated efficient commission calculation and management.
  2. Admin Application:
    • Agent Management: The admin application allowed administrators to manage agent profiles, track their performance, and assign territories or specific student recruitment campaigns.
    • Content Management: Administrators could update and manage the content accessible to agents, ensuring relevant and up-to-date information.
    • Commission Calculation: The application streamlined the commission calculation process, automating the calculation based on predefined rules and data inputs.
    • Background Jobs: Background jobs were implemented to periodically pull student data directly from the university's application system, ensuring that agent dashboards displayed real-time and accurate information.

Results and Impact:

The web application transformed the student recruitment landscape for university agents and administrators. The comprehensive suite of features simplified the agent workflow, allowing them to stay informed, track recruited students, and manage commission claims seamlessly. The streamlined commission calculation process reduced administrative burden and enhanced accuracy. The integration of background jobs ensured that student data remained up to date, providing agents with real-time insights for effective decision-making.

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