Challenge: Enhancing the Corporate Site and Creating an Employee Portal

Our primary challenge was to revitalize Audi Hungary's corporate site, ensuring a seamless user experience and aligning it with the brand's identity. As the project progressed, we extended our scope to develop and integrate a range of custom components into Adobe AEM. Furthermore, we undertook the development of an employee portal that employed React for the frontend and interacted with a standalone web server through a REST API.

Approach: Leveraging Adobe AEM and Cutting-Edge Technologies

To tackle the challenge at hand, our agency harnessed the power of Adobe AEM as the foundation for Audi Hungary's CMS. We seamlessly integrated the AEM instance, leveraging its robust content management capabilities. Simultaneously, we embraced cutting-edge technologies like React to develop the frontend of the employee portal. Through efficient communication and collaboration, we ensured the smooth interaction between the frontend React application and the standalone web server hosting the REST API.

Solution: Adobe AEM Integration and Advanced Employee Portal Development

Our agency successfully integrated Adobe AEM as the CMS for Audi Hungary's corporate site, leveraging its comprehensive features and capabilities. We developed custom components tailored to Audi Hungary's specific requirements, enabling efficient content management and seamless website updates. In addition to the corporate site, we created an advanced employee portal using React for the frontend. The React application communicated with a standalone web server that hosted a REST API, allowing for secure and efficient data exchange. This approach facilitated dynamic and engaging employee experiences, enabling seamless collaboration and resource access within the organization.

Results and Impact:

The comprehensive transformation of Audi Hungary's corporate site, coupled with the development of the advanced employee portal, yielded impactful results. The integration of Adobe AEM streamlined content management processes, enhancing efficiency and facilitating timely updates. The custom components elevated the corporate site, providing an immersive and user-friendly experience for visitors. The employee portal, powered by React and the standalone web server, revolutionized internal communication and collaboration within Audi Hungary. The portal's dynamic features, such as news feeds, document sharing, and personalized profiles, bolstered employee engagement and productivity.

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